Crisis, Baldrick, Crisis!!!!!


Yesterday, at the shops… a crisis happened. Well, it felt a crisis. Sensory Overload.

A previous conversation had left my heart racing and caused every calm emotion to leave my brain. Then I realized I had to go to  the shops and I could not avoid this, and I also thought that I would be okay. I was wrong, oh Boy… was I wrong!

Standing in the isle trying to suss out the best and yet cost effective Cat Food to buy my ears started to ring and somehow my heart rate increased even more. How my heart didn’t explode I do not know. Reading the labels became impossible as words mingled together and did not make sense. Then everything started to close in on me and every noise was magnified.

The only thing I could do was stand there glued to the spot and still as a statue. People passed me and I felt a few glances but I did not care. This crisis needed to resolve itself or I was going to scream. To my relief noises stung my ears less and space was growing around me. I was able to stock up on Cat Food and make my way out of the shop, although I slammed my car door closed quite hard and was amazed at how it did not break.

How did I overcome this? I can’t say this worked 100% but it may work for you;

  1. Breathe. It’s hard and it might be too loud/ overwhelming but you might be amazed at how much your mind decreases racing by breathing. Breathing also seemed to ground me and bring me back to a little calm.
  2. Close my eyes. Closing my eyes blocked out colours/ visions and stopped me from sensing glances around me. This allowed me to calm myself down a little and rationalize my thinking (well, as much as possible.)
  3. Focus on the task at hand. I had to get Cat Food, and I had to open my eyes. Opening my eyes I focused all of my energy and all of my concentration on the prices and brands. This was all that mattered. After a few minuets I made my purchases and walked out (well, paying too. Shoplifting= bad.)

I did more but I can’t remember what I did. These may not work for you as we’re all different and different strategies work for everyone in different ways but maybe give these a try. Also with the glances that come your way and occasional negative/ mean comments- do your best to ignore them. They could be judging and/or working out whats going on but you focus on you. You’re the most important person after all ( you focus on you and your well being first, as selfish as that may seem.)

Until Next Time.

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I'm a blogger with Autism/ Anxiety and Depression aiming to give insight into my world and change the stigma on talking about Mental Health and raise acceptance around Autism.

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