Ah, got to love being socially awkward…

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So, at a Friend’s house tonight the following happened;

–   At Friend’s and I state that it’s 7pm already (he needed to leave in a few hours..)

–  He says “I know how to make the time pass until then” giving a seedy “winky face”

–  I look blankly at him

–  He says ” we could play chess!” laughing

–  I say “I don’t know how to play chess”

–  He stops laughing at looks at me, defeated and lost.

–  “You.. completely lost the joke” he says with his head in his hands laughing.. again

–   I finally get the joke and start laughing, but by now the moment is over and we stop   laughing. We then sit in a awkward silence while I repeat “ah, my God.. dammit!”

I love having socially awkward moments like this (not really!)… but honestly a trait I have is having jokes and sarcasm sometimes fly over my head. This has created many laughs at my expense and many head shaking in disappointment at myself moments, all in humor of course. I do enjoy laughing at myself!

Have you ever had this happen to you? what’s your most socially awkward moments?

Until next time!

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I'm a blogger with Autism/ Anxiety and Depression aiming to give insight into my world and change the stigma on talking about Mental Health and raise acceptance around Autism.

24 thoughts on “Ah, got to love being socially awkward…”

  1. Yeah, I missed it. I’m an introvert although most people don’t believe it because I’ve learned how to pretend. But, that introversion makes me feel socially awkward even when I don’t look it. It then makes me feel even more awkward. It’s a horrible rabbit hole. So, I just stay home, lol.


  2. I am totally socially awkward so I relate to this on so many levels. Half the time the moments are great and hilarious, but sometimes they are just flat out uncomfortable lol Always good to laugh at yourself though.

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  3. I think socially awkward moments are the spice of life. I have had my share of some too. Most often it is in a waiting area, like a doctor’s office. Happened last week. I thought the person sitting across me asked me a question to which I responded to, only to find out she was actually talking to the person sitting next to me. Ugh. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me up during that embarrassing moment.

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  4. I am socially awkward too although many of the people find it hard to believe that I feel awkward because I am very good at pretending that I am not haha. So I completely get what you mean, my social awkwardness tends to stem more from being in large groups which make me uncomfortable and I can come across as shy, especially if I don’t know anyone.

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  5. Oh yes I can think of many times where I’ve had a socially awkward moment! It happens to all of us, and I believe our success is in our ability to let our foolish moments go and to remember that everyone has them. 🙂

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  6. I often find my self in such awkward moments like this and never really know how to get out of them, so my motto is in a situation like this say how about a cup of coffee or tea and run into the kitchen. Panic over! 😁

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  7. Oh my gosh, I’m forever doing this! The joke or moment will completely go whizzing over my head. Then an hour or so later I’ll think “Now, why didn’t I say this?” But, of course, by then, the moment has passed. Alas .. My husband, on the other hand, is the master of the come-back! x

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