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You’ve heard of Autism? Then I’m sure you’ve heard of sensory overload.

What is sensory overload? In my words, it’s a bloody annoying thing that happens in the least convenient of times.

Example- I’m in the middle of the shops among a crowd and everyone is talking and noise is around me, a typical major shopping center occurrence. Suddenly I feel over-whelmed and every noise is magnified to extremely uncomfortable levels and people far away feel way too close ( just two of the things that occur.)I need to get things done so I push through this feeling an incredible sense of relief when the ordeal is over with.

This is a short and non-sense making post as my attention span is incredibly short today. I thought I’d share a tiny amount on what sensory overload means to me and I ask you if you have experienced sensory overload before or what it looks like to you? or if you’ve never experienced it what you think about it?

Until next time.

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I'm a blogger with Autism/ Anxiety and Depression aiming to give insight into my world and change the stigma on talking about Mental Health and raise acceptance around Autism.

3 thoughts on “LOUD NOISES!”

  1. Not a problem, we live and learn, l now know all my limits and boundaries, but more importantly, take baby steps and even better visit places when they are not so busy. It was an incident that is now firmly etched into my mind of ‘what not to do’ 🙂

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  2. I can relate to that totally – in fact l now live my life in a much quieter environment, less hustle bustle, less noise, less interaction, less people – less everything.

    I live not far from Canterbury , England and last year l went into the city looking forward to it, as l used to live there thirty years ago, but moved away so was eager to visit some of the old haunts and see the changes.

    However, whilst l thought l was ready, within 15 minutes it became horribly apparent l wasn’t!!

    Then l simply couldn’t get out of the throng quick enough – all noise, everything was at full volume, if a gnat had farted l think l would have heard that as well – tourist throng, traffic flow, cutlery and plates in restaurants, kids crying, exhausts, footsteps on cobble stones, exhaling of cigarettes, everything was suddenly twenty times the normal intensity.

    Anxiety crept in, stress overload began, drenched in sweat, wanting to not just cry but sob, and in the end, near the outskirts of the city l broke into a run, just to get out before l exploded.

    Yes, l can relate very well.


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