let’s talk about Autism!

Now to the other side of things, Time to talk Autism!

I’ll take you back to where it started. Birth.

No graphic stories on that process but according to one of  my folks I started showing symptoms from my very early years. As a Baby I slept through the night waking around the same time each morning, I hardly cried and pretty well kept to myself. As a Toddler I was pretty much the same except I had a habit of walking on my knees instead of using my legs and feet. I was also very ahead in terms of development as I was able to count to twenty (or thirty, one of the two) and name a lot tonne of colours around the age of two.

However my development halted around the 3/4 year old mark. I displayed signs of fixation and social isolation. I had very few friends and I think as a sign of anxiety or not understanding the world around me I used to bite kids in my Kindy class. This understandably caused a lot of issues.

I’ll skip ahead a few years and go to the end of High School, or around the time I was leaving School. I had issues with bullying throughout the School years (which luckily stopped around the end of year 9) and issues with under-performing academically , I was pretty much at the bottom throughout Primary School and was terrible at Maths in High School. I asked one of my folks one day why this was so and why sometimes I was socially awkward (still am!) and why I  was sometimes scared around new people and didn’t interact with them. That’s when for the first time I heard the word Autism to describe me.

Autism? me? it was mentioned to one of my Parental’s in my early School years however it was never formally diagnosed- never on paper and official. I’d been around people who were Autistic before but I didn’t relate it to myself.

Looking online a few years later I noticed that the symptoms of Autism described me pretty well to a tee and that’s when I decided to peruse a official Diagnosis. let me tell you, this was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Ever.

Diagnosis of Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder were given first (I’ll write about these later and that journey) and I was treated for this with medication and some Counselling. Sadly this was with no success and boy I was frustrated with being put on several different medications, I felt like a Guinea Pig and dealt with some pretty awful symptoms such as excessive sweating ( having to wake up in the middle of the night to change my shirt and wipe myself down) , itching, mood swings and having once a month blood tests to make sure my kidneys wouldn’t shut down and to see if everything was running smoothly. I’ll admit, the medications I was on work wonders for some people and the symptoms are only a minor issue, but for me personally this wasn’t the case.

Anyway, March last year (2017) after finally finding a brilliant Psychologist and Psychiatrist I finally achieved my goal of being listened to and receiving a Autism Diagnosis. Why did I peruse this?  basically to know what was going on with me and to receive services that would assist me with coping skills. Not that interesting, I know.

As the official  diagnosis is still fairly new I’m still learning about Autism and how it affects me. As I learn new things I hope to share them with you to maybe get a better understanding of Autism from someone who experiences it or to assist you if you have Autism and are wondering to what is going on.

I’m going to be writing about this a lot more in the future!

Take care! 🙂

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I'm a blogger with Autism/ Anxiety and Depression aiming to give insight into my world and change the stigma on talking about Mental Health and raise acceptance around Autism.

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