Music and Mental Health

Two words that may not seem to go together but two very powerful words, well to me at least.

Music to some may be a pleasurable noise or something to have on in the background while for others it can mean reminiscing on good or bad times or even a way to express their innermost thoughts when words cant.

During my dark days of depression music enables me to connect with my feelings and to make sense of whats going on for me. Certain songs give me the ability to release every negative emotion through crying or sometimes providing me with inspiration to write when no one or nothing else can. Music can motivate me to speak up about my feelings and can help me form words to express how I feel. Never underestimate the power of lyrics!

Certain songs can also provide joy during the darkest times. For example a certain song can bring about a glimmer of hope when everything seems dismal or can trigger a pleasant memory that reminds me of the fact that there is actually elements of happiness to life, as unrealistic as that may seem sometimes.

I encourage you to try listening to music when your having difficulty expressing how you feel or need something to help you release built up emotions or emotions your having trouble letting out. If your a musician or write songs even give that a go! I’ve never had the ability to play a instrument (except for Clarinet in Years 6/7 and I was not that good!) so if your blessed with the gift to play a instrument see if that helps you, or write a song. You never know what it could do for you. šŸ™‚


Take care! šŸ˜€


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I'm a blogger with Autism/ Anxiety and Depression aiming to give insight into my world and change the stigma on talking about Mental Health and raise acceptance around Autism.

3 thoughts on “Music and Mental Health”

  1. I can definitely understand why music enables you to connect with your feelings. Whenever I feel down I turn on some music and instantly feel better. Or I just cry a little and think about why I’m so sad. Afterwards it all makes a little more sense!


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